Stock Screener

Discover your next winning trade with our stock screener: uncover trading ideas based on Price Change, IV Rank, Volatility, and IV/HV.

IV Rank

Use the IV Rank to filter for securities with low or high implied volatility to start your strategy.



Unlock the power of pre-built strategies for seamless ASX options trading.

Variable Filters
Use the Price, Volatility, Time and Complexity filters to narrow down strategies that match your objectives.

Start of an order
Select your chosen strategy to populate the pre-trade overview in a single click.

Real time margins

Stay informed and in control of your portfolio with real time margin positions and updating buying power.

Your margins are updated intraday using the ASX SPAN margin data.

Buying Power
TradeFloor’s pre-trade vetting means you can’t place orders you don’t have the buying power for. Use our ‘what-if’ strategy to see how you could improve your position.

Ready to step into the future?

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