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TradeFloor's Risk Management solution is fast, scalable and supports most global asset classes.

Real-time Margin & Derivatives Pricing Engine

SPAN Margins and Profit & Loss

With our powerful proprietary risk engine, you get the power of billions of calculations performed in real-time right at your fingertips. Understand exactly which positions are using up margin, causing the largest amount of sensitivity risk and how payoffs are impacted by stressed conditions.


Stress Testing

Redefining Risk Management.

With one-click you can visually understand portfolio sensitivity to all the greeks for the entire organisation, a specific branch or desk or an individual adviser in current conditions or in a stressed environment. Understand how premium margin, SPAN margin, profit & loss and greeks will change due to combinations of price, time & volatility across any combination of stocks, sectors or the market.



Pre-trade vetting.

Before your order is sent to a DTR or straight-through, you can vet it against available cash on the account, margin limits & ASX Extreme Trading Range. Our solution helps significantly reduce fat-finger errors and lock down market integrity


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